Speckle is an Australian brand created by artist and illustrator, Sara Winfield. The mission at Speckle is to provide artwork for little (or big!) people, who celebrate the wild, curious, messy and adventurous things in life. Speckle is all about mismatched socks, collecting earthworms and lemonade stands, and it aims to create work that excites the mind and throws a big old handful of nostalgia dust into the wind.

Speckle create large scale original paintings and fine art prints as artwork for nurseries, kids rooms or teenage hideouts. Its work ranges from storybook style illustrations on paper - using gouache and pencil, to large sized canvases, filled with acrylic paint and soft pastels. The colour selections bring Sara and its contributors great joy, and they aim to use hues that will compliment a range of interior choices. Speckle turns all its original work into prints, so that the joy of each piece can be experienced by all.

Speckle is most well known for ‘The Girls’. These works are a playful look into the inner female - an eclectic mix of soft and romantic pastel tones, girl-power costumed masks, mystery, sweetness and oomph! The doe-eyed and pouty mouthed Girls seek to represent a playful, dreamy and idealistic view of the world.