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Women, Roots & All No.8


Women, Roots & All is a body of work exploring the injustices of being a woman and mother. The collection of textured oil paintings expose truths and honesties about the agonising existence of women and the sufferings we must endure. 

There is a deliberate attempt to make the base layers of these paintings complicated, abrasive and raw; relying on texture and muddy tones to reflect women just as they are. Layers of acrylics and oils expand on each piece, representing the many faces were adorn as women; the duties, expectations and demands placed on us by society and ourselves.

Large blocked out areas of paint act as a visual reprieve against the gestural work of oil sticks, which are chaotic, unencumbered and free - representing a state of carelessness we all long to feel. 

Dimensions (LxW)

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