Sara grew up on a farm in the bush, with a brush, a big imagination and a deep love for our Australian outback. Equipped with strong will and ambition, Sara left her fashion studies to become an artist. Over the past eight years, Sara has slowly developed her personal painting style, which can be broken into two distinct areas.

‘The Girls’, are a playful look into her inner female - an eclectic mix of soft and romantic pastel tones, girl-power costumed masks, mystery, sweetness and oomph! Having always been told she views life through 'rose coloured glasses,' the doe-eyed and pouty mouthed Girls seek to represent Sara's playful, dreamy and idealistic views on the world.

On the other end of the spectrum are Sara's abstract pieces - the result of a more serious conversation with herself. Experimental paint pouring and intentional mark making act as the foundations of these pieces; while colour selection remains the main attraction. Regardless of subject, repetitious dots and lines layer her work, much like the overlapping thoughts constantly whirring in her mind. The arduous approach to these pieces represent a love of things that take time and effort, much like the slower pace of life she knew on the farm. 

You will find Sara currently working on private commissions, exploring new work and ideas, or hiking through the bush around Australia. 


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Recent Projects + Events

Workshops 2018 Stackwood Studio

I currently host workshops in creativity and painting out of the Stackwood Studio location in Fremantle. The workshops are designed to encourage novice painters from all walks of life to get messy with pastel hued mediums. We stick to producing my classic 'Girl', over a three hour, quiet and thoughtful evening. 

Details in the product description under 'Workshops'.

Life Instyle Melbourne 2017 Kids Instyle 2017

In August 2017, we exhibited for our first time at Life Instyle Melbourne. Over the four day duration of the show, we met with present and future stockists - making connections and getting out of our comfort zone! 


Castle for Toybox International 10th Anniversary RQCC

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary Toybox International invited 12 West Australian artists to embellish children's cardboard castles, kindly donated by Uber & Klein to be auctioned on the night.

Over the past 10 years Toybox have entertained over 11,000 black tie guests and raised over $1.5 million.